devhost : 21


devhost is the annual flagship event of SOSC. Our prime goal is to bring young and skilled student developers from anywhere across the globe under the same umbrella. This event aims to create a platform to collaborate with various clubs and organizations, discuss the newest technologies and trends in the IT industry an also train students for the same. devhost:21 claims to be a tech extravaganza, and the biggest event under SOSC so far.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, devhost:21 will be an online event.

Informative Talks

Hear what the experts have to share about a wide range of concepts and technologies. Know more about the recent trends, initiatives, innovations and much more. Expand your knowledge and stand a chance to interact with experts from various technical fields.

Insightful Workshops

There’s no better way to master a technical skill than to actually get coding. Come join us in a series of talks and workshop exploring various domains. The talks and workshop involve hands-on learning along with discussion and interaction on a given topic.

Exciting Ice Breakers

A virtual trivia could be just what your social (distancing) life needs. Stand a chance to win exciting prizes by answering questions that test your knowledge on subjects both practical and ridiculously random topics!

Chief Guest

Dr. Rajendra K. V., IAS

Deputy Commissioner, Dakshina Kannada


Dr Rajendra hails from Theerthahalli, Shivamogga. After completing MBBS, he appeared for UPSC and served in the Indian Railways. In 2013, he cleared the UPSC exam with 32nd rank. He then served as the Assistant Commissioner of Puttur in 2015..



Can Bad Design Kill

15th May, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

In this session we will be talking about design in general and how it has grown from just being used in niche user apps to more sensitive systems that deal with medicine, digital policing, vehicular systems etc where bad UX can have more impact than just the user getting irritated. Now being a part of every such impactful industry - bad design can have unseen ramifications when it comes to effecting safety and health. We'll discuss what is design- how it has grown, followed by Bad Design and in what spectrum bad design becomes dangerous.

Jehad Mohamed


Getting Started with Your Journey into Cloud Security

15th May, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Most organizations use cloud services in one way or another to run their workloads. In this session, we will see how we can get started on our journey in the vast domain of Cloud Security. Along with an interesting interaction to instil a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of working with the cloud, Madhu will share his experiences too.

Madhu Akula


Cruising on the AI wave

15th May, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

We encounter artificial intelligence in almost all our daily tasks: speech-to-text, photo tagging technology, fingerprint recognition, spam classification. We see it contributing to cutting-edge innovations: precision medicine, injury prediction, use-cases like predicting diabetic retinopathy, and autonomous cars. This session will talk about the advancements of AI in the industry, how this wave started, and its future.

Siddhant Aggarwal


Lift off with Next.js 🚀

16th May, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Next.js is taking over the React galaxy. In this talk we’ll learn the framework through building a website that uses many of Next.js’s core features such as API Routes, ISR & Dynamic Routing.

Sam Poder


Upskill with Hackathon and Communities

16th May, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The prime intent of a community is to acquaint students with the ecosystem (pertaining to the domain of that particular community) and develop skill sets by providing effective training. We are a community which believes in knowledge for all. Join Siddharth in this interactive session to know more about Communities and Hackathons. Hackathons are another fun medium to promote learning. In today's times, the importance of hackathons in the technical sphere has reached new limits.

Siddhart Dayalwal

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Super Chat

16th May, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Questioning is an integral part of the learning process. As young developers we bet a gazillion questions cross your mind every day. Well, start making note of those very questions and shoot them at our panel of SOSC alumni/alumnae, who shall attempt to help you to the best of their abilities.

Super Seniors


Madhu Akula

Creator of Kubernetes Goat


Madhu Akula is the creator of Kubernetes Goat. He is also a published author and cloud native security researcher. He is an active member of international security, devops and cloud native communities. He frequently speaks and runs training sessions at security events and conferences around the world including DEFCON, BlackHat USA, USENIX LISA, O’Reilly Velocity, GitHub Satellite event, Appsec EU, All Day DevOps, DevSecCon and multiple others. He is also the co-author of Security Automation with Ansible2 which is listed as a technical resource by Red Hat Ansible.

Siddhant Agarwal

Program Coordinator at Google India


Siddhant was a program coordinator at Google,India. He is also one of ACM’s distinguished speakers and an Intel SoftwareInnovator. Being an avid public speaker, he has spoken at more than 200+ national and international forums impacting over 50K individuals in the last 4-5 years. He loves working with startups and helping them scale in User Experience and improve their designs.

Sam Poder

Hackclub Lead, Founder of the Singapore STEM Club


Sam, a high schooler in Singapore, finds joy in building ✨ jazzy 🌈 media experiences for people to enjoy. He is a massive fan of open source and collaborating with others to make things. In his community, he works hard to introduce students from all backgrounds to technology and support them.

Siddharth Dayalwal

Community Development Intern at SAWO labs


Siddharth Dayalwal is a Community Development Intern at SAWO labs,GitHub Campus Expert ,Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, AngelHack Student Ambassador,Coding Blocks ~ HackerEarth Ambassador and Former Progate Community Intern.

Jehad Mohamed

UI/UX Designer at MobStac


Jehad Mohamed is a Computer Science graduate who has been dabbling with computer vision and the vast domain of design for the past few years and has loved every bit of it. His design journey includes interning at Canva and free lancing for multiple renowned companies, to name a few. He wants to help build tools that allow non-designers to create beautiful designs.

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